Hi my name is Devirisal (Dave) Djabumir.  I won the 1,000 dollar HYPER HUMAN charity contest and used the prize money to support my unique school!

(That’s me teaching in the center. We bought that stack of books with our prize money!)

Here’s my story:

I grew up in Tansinwasa, Maluku, Indonesia. I went to university and with my degree, I became a dispatcher coordinator at a power plant and a part-time English teacher at Pattimura University.

Even though I had two well-paying, steady jobs, I longed to start a humanitarian charity back in my hometown to reach my marginalized community. My parent’s objected and didn’t want me giving up my career, but I followed my heart’s desire to give back!

I resigned anyway!

When I first arrived back home, I began teaching children from rich families to earn money to fund my charity project.

During these classes, I would see kids from the street standing on their tip-toes trying to watch my lessons through the window.

There were little opportunities to learn in my town. Also, there were no places in my town to throw away trash, so the ocean became everyone’s trashcan!

When I connected these two things together, AN IDEA came to me!

I started a special school to do something about both of these problems: the lack of opportunity and the trash problem.

Kids pay for the Dream School school with recyclable trash, and it’s all for future generations. The trash is then made into eco-bricks and reused for different crafts.

( The kids making recycled arts and crafts projects)

Our school is outdoors. Attendance depends on the weather. We cannot hold classes during the rainy season.

We have no buildings or classroom, but we believe that school can be everywhere!

( The children learning how to read and write)

I believe through education we can raise awareness to combat pollution and environmental degradation. 

( The students of Dream School)

 13 adult volunteers currently run Dream School which serves over 70 students!

Our volunteers are recruited locally, and we often have experts come in to teach!

We teach English and other subjects like Public Speaking, Environmental and Marine Science, Inspiration, and Entrepreneurship.

We all compost together, and we have even influenced other local schools in the area to become zero waste.

I am very proud of how our students truly become advocates for the environment! They often speak to the local community about the impact of trash on marine life.

Today, Agon successfully put smiles on the kids’ faces, through his CHARITY CONTEST!

We bought the kids stationary and reading books, as they have no books to read at home. We also bought school equipment like markers, tarps, and other things.

I will use some of the remaining prize money to organize a beach clean up with the children

( Dream School at one of our beach clean ups)

Agon, you are truly a motivator and positive influence! Through you, many have felt helped and encouraged. Many have smiled and felt loved! You are now an important part of these children’s educational journey.

( Playing games at the beach)

All the students want to thank for your generous heart, but they can’t speak English, so I shall represent all of Dream School.

The volunteers and students, as well as the parents, would like to say a huge thanks to you and your community and hope that you keep spreading love and kindness to everyone!

( The Dream School community )

— Dave