Hyper Human Challenge Winner- Jasha

Hyper Human Challenge Winner- Jasha

My name is Jasha, and I organized a feeding program to provide meals to over 350 children with the money I received from Hyper Humans!

I had my friend that does food catering help us cook. Each meal cost 1 dollar to make, so we gave away 350 meals! The other 50 dollars were spent on travel.

( The children eating together, the food distribution line)

Here is my story about why I was inspired to do this.

I grew up being very social. As a kid, I was raised to be a good leader by good parents. I learned how to teach in front of people because I saw my dad preaching every week at our church. This is a good thing I am grateful to my parents for.

( That’s me speaking in front of the children and the volunteers)

Growing up, I realized I wasn’t straight. When I was 17 years old, I finally decided to tell my parents that I was gay. They ended up rejecting me and kicking me out of the house. I actually tried not to hold a grudge towards them, but I went through a very difficult process.

I was homeless for 2 weeks. I was very hungry and literally sleeping on the street. Starving is something that I know is really hard, especially when you don’t have a secure place to go, when you are not comfortable, and when you are not even able to understand what is going on.

Growing up in the church, I had experience with community and charity projects. I connected with someone on Facebook who then hired me to work for his orphanage and charity. As his field administrator, I gathered statistics of  how many children lived in certain areas, and I learned how to create feeding programs.

When I was 19 years old, I was able to contact my brother who told me my mom and dad missed me. I tried to go back home. I hadn’t transitioned yet. When I came home, and my parents realized they didn’t miss me. That was the second time I was rejected.

I had nowhere to go, so I went to live with a close friend of mine who is now my boyfriend. He is in the pictures with me. Together we started our own monthly feeding programs. We connected with people on Facebook— some of them in the USA, London and other parts of the world. My platform grew and I reached out to the LGBTQ+ community. People could donate 5-10 dollars to the program which is a big amount in the Philippines.

( the food distribution line)

But last year depression hit me. I had been suicidal. Hormonal imbalances hit me. I stopped doing stuff for others and looked for my own value. I asked my boyfriend if I could have time to journey alone and search within. I tried to ask for guidance or a sign.

That’s when I found Agon’s post! It was really like a miracle. All the support and feedback I received from the group told me to continue! Winning this money wasn’t just winning the charity contest. It gave me hope that this is my purpose, and I want to continue these programs especially now that my boyfriend and I have two steady jobs to financially support us while we do this charity work.

As part of the LGBTQ+ community, I want to be someone to bring light and be an example of what our community stands for—who we really are and what we can give to the world.

( The children all eating together)

What you do to one child today, they will remember. It will have an impact. I still remember the good experiences from my childhood.

I am pretty sure that through providing meals to these children and playing games with them they will remember the one transgender woman who gave them support. They now will have a better impression of the LGBTQ+ community.This is one thing that can help people have open minds.  We can’t fight hate with hate, but we can fight it with love <3

We brought our speaker and played games and danced with the children. Most of the kids we helped, I hadn’t met before. In the area where we were, thousands of people died during a typhoon.  All the houses they had before were destroyed.

I want the people to see this and realize they can give back! They can organize big things like this. They can work around the limitations. When people told me I couldn’t do this for many reasons, I told them it’s not impossible if you are really committed to making a change.

I just want to be grateful and happy. There are times we can be sad, but most of the time we actually have the power to decide to route our life from being in the dark towards turning on the light. We only live once, so why not try to do the best that we can even though life is really hard sometimes.

I am hoping that the next contest Hyper Human raises even more money to do amazing things!

(All of us that helped out, we were all young people. There were 10 of us!)

— Jasha